Add Cordless Nailers To Your Home And Workshop Took Kit

By | January 8, 2017


The sale of the Stanley fat max, cordless nailers or nail guns, has increased in the recent times. Carpenters and other construction engineers across the world are placing orders to the Stanley tool shop to purchase Stanley tools and tool boxes. Techie website has also made reviews about this innovative hand- tool. Stanley tool boxes are very famous in many countries, and you can also purchase accessories and a variety of other power tools as well from this pioneer tool making company.

This article is mainly intended for the engineers, technicians and construction workers, especially the carpenters in educating about the innovative cordless nailer, which is primarily used for various applications such as re-fixing tasks, precise installation of decorative materials, and also some of the delicate crafting work both at homes as well as new buildings.

About Stanley

Stanley is a popular and global brand among the tool making companies. Being a pioneer in manufacturing hand tools, power tools and accessories Stanley Black & Decker Inc has been founded in 1843, and since then, the company has been popular in making smart, tough and quality hand tools for all types of engineering professionals and technicians around the world.

Benefits of Stanley cordless nailers

For various reasons users prefer this creative hand-tool and few of such reasons are given below:

Lightweight: Lightweight of this tool attracts the users for the sake convenience and easy maneuverability. Because of this feature, users can operate the tool with ease and do any work with a great amount of precision. More importantly, users can have a perfect balance since the tool has less weight especially while performing overhead tasks. Also, operators can take advantage of a clear line of sight while nailing which is mainly possible due to improved ergonomics. This tool is made with magnesium and hence it has the least weight.

Easy mobility: As this cordless tool operates from recharged batteries, this tool can be used in any corner as the operators are free from the hassles of tangling wires as seen the normal power driven nailers. This feature is a great boon to the operators as they can use the tool even at the remote corner of roofs, floors and walls.

High reliability: Cordless nailers work with a unique flywheel firing mechanism that enables the tool to perform with great consistency in all working environments.

Fast Operation: Branded cordless- nailers have to capacity to fire a nail in just 0.3 seconds and can do nailing around 700 nails with a single charge. More importantly, the handles of these cordless nailers offer a strong grip and possess smart shapes for easy handling.

Versatile: Stanly nailer is well-known for its versatility and is available in two types, namely the angled model as well as a straight model. These models are made with high-quality parts and material. Both air and gas nailers are being sold at the authorized Stanley tool shops.

Presently, Stanley stands tall among its competitors and still considered to be an industry leader in the area of hand tool design and innovation.

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