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By | April 21, 2017

feature of microsoft 2016

With the advent of computers, the aspect of change has become more relevant especially in the area of software development. Many times people wonder why the cost of new software programs is known to be higher than the previous versions. The case is also true for the software giant Microsoft for its Office 2016 program. Now, one can even easily Download Microsoft office for Mac after buying the same from the online stores. Readers can also browse cloudpro.co.uk to know more about this MS office’s latest version. The reasons for the price variations are justified as all these new releases including the MOS Office 2016 can be easily connected to various devices such as tablets, smartphones as well as the laptops and PCs.

Users who are using MAC operating system too can use the software developed by the MS Office 2016 as the software is highly compatible with the MAC. This is primarily done since more people are switching over to MAC from the Windows. Moreover, Microsoft cannot restrict its product to work with only Office 365 with Windows. In addition, buyers can also enjoy some lucrative offers from Microsoft like free cloud storage of 1TB, free skype and other free supports. In this context, it is always better to work along with the new version of the programs such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint since these new features help the users to create compelling presentations than in the past.

Here are the list key features that are incorporated in the MS Office 2016:
· The enhanced integration of MSOffice 365, could able to achieve easy and convenient single drive for all the users. Also, users now can make editing and add comments and cam make tracking changes. Services of Lync and Skype can be continued as it is in the new version.
· New shortcut made in the new version increases business productivity to a great extent.
· Users can now add videos in MS Office PowerPoint presentations
· The new version enables to edit all the PDF documents in the Word.
· The new version is compatible for tablets with friendly touch mode.

Compatible With Mac
This recent version of Office suite consisting of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook provides a rich user experience for Mac users accommodating the existing familiarity of the products. Users already using Office on iPad or a personal computer will find Office 2016 for Mac quite familiar. With the same good old ribbon interface and task panes, Mac users now can enjoy the modernised Office features and tools with Mac features such as Multi-touch gesture and full-screen view. Being cloud-connected, Office for Mac allows you to share the documents and enables your peers to join into work with you on the same document.

Unmatched compatibility with Office online, tablets, smartphones and PCs makes Office for Mac more desirable for the users. Mac help and Mac support are available online so as to support it’s new as well as existing other Office version users. So get ready to jump on to bandwagon of users who prefer to use Microsoft Office over other software.

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